THE SECTOR is the First Franchising in Europe specialized in the Rental of both Traditional Scooters and E-Scooters (Electric Scooters and Electric Kick Scooters). Our business model is ideal for both seaside resorts and cities of art and the activity is beautiful and with high profits from the first day. The Tourism and Smart Mobility Sectors are sectors in great growth all over the world and they are also excellent sectors to invest in. Even the activity of renting scooters and e-scooters is an activity in great growth, because more and more tourists realize that renting a scooter is the best way to experience a holiday, the reason is simple, with the scooter you are much FREER, both from traffic and from parking problems, and getting around becomes easier, cheaper and more FUN. In a nutshell YOU FEEL MUCH MORE ON HOLIDAY!


The values of are the simplicity and quality of the service offered to the customer. In the tourism sector, a sector that is expanding rapidly throughout Italy, every activity is subject to continuous “examination” by customers / tourists, who are now accustomed to evaluating the quality of the service received and publishing it online through reviews. This allows tourism businesses to be rewarded on the basis of merit and to continuously monitor the satisfaction of their customers. Customer satisfaction is precisely the primary objective of rents both traditional scooters of all 50cc, 125cc and 300cc displacements and the latest generation e-scooters (electric scooters and electric scooters). The mission of Franchising is to be able to transmit its Know How and Values to more and more Entrepreneurs and Investors, to enable them to work more and better. The strengths of are high quality standards from the management point of view, the acquisition and organization of the fleet, the selection and use of insurance policies, marketing, branding and innovative promotional campaigns.


  • Mq Location : 50-100 mq

  • Personal requirements: Enthusiasm and Entrepreneurship

  • Timetables: Flexibility in schedules

  • Personnel needed: 1-2 people

  • Initial Capital: Rent to Rent Formula €5.600 (excluding VAT), Corner Formula € 19.900 (excluding VAT), Full Fleet Formula € 30.900 (excluding VAT)

  • Royalty on turnover: 2%


With, opening a scooter rental business will be easier. With our OFFERS you will have understood: the use of a Brand, as evidenced by the hundreds of positive reviews, already affirmed, Training at our offices, constant and specialized Support and Assistance, Exclusivity Area, New Scooters owned or by rent and in number different according to the formula chosen, the helmets, the shop sign, the website with SEO indexing on the search engines, the material necessary for the personalization of the scooters and the store, the complete contracts, the management software, the setting up of Google Adwords, Graphic and Promotional Video campaigns, all the Know How necessary to open this type of business. You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of our agreements for vehicle insurance. You will then be able to open your business by starting up immediately and obtaining profits from the first day.

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Fleet of min. 5 Traditional and Electric Scooters by Rent


Fleet of min. 5 Traditional and Electric Owened Scooters


Fleet of min. 10 Traditional and Electric Owened Scooters

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